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These are our LED Event Spots that can be used for up or top lighting. Can be fitted with gels.


Our LED spheres are perfect in a black lined marquee to create an illusion of them floating.


Fairy light curtains make a stunning lining for any room or marquee.


Have some fun with the bubble machine. Makes a fabulous effect.


We have 12 PAR38 Uplights for sale. All used, in good condition and tested.


We have 20 of these strip lights for sale. All are used, but in good condition and PAT tested.


There are 20 emergency exit lights available. All are used but in good condition and PAT tested.


Available are 10 x 250W HQI and 10 x 400W HQI. All used, good condition and tested.


Our ‘old faithful’ PAR38 Uplights in stainless steel suit both modern and traditional venues.


LED spots can be used for uplighting or top lighting and are very versatile.


These effects projectors are great for uplighting and are battery powered so can be used almost anywhere.


Our interactive floor is a great talking point at events and is great for children of all ages.


Your Challenge, Our Imagination

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Lighting Consoles

The Chamsys is our PC based lighting console very powerful  and intuitive to use.


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Our versatile user programmable lighting controller. comes preprogrammed with personalities for all the equipment we hire and many other fixtures. Should the personality not be on the desk, it is very easy to program your own. Nearly all buttons on the console can be user programmed in order to produce a very simple and intuitive operating platform. Up to 2000 presets can be stored in 16 sequences, 26 chasers and 104 memories.


If you‘re running a small lighting rig in a venue, as a rental, or in a retail space, you‘ve probably upgraded to LED lights. Why? Because modern LEDs can produce any colour without the need for filters, so you can produce fantastic combinations of colours with just a few lights. Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights the Stage CL gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use.


Our basic 6 channel controller. Ideal for use in small LED systems and controlling our star cluster laser. This controller can either be run from a battery or a 9V power supply (provided).


Our basic simple programmable 12 channel desk. Ideal for use in small LED systems where a greater number of control channels are required.

Features:12 Channel operation (24 in wide). Two Preset operation (even in wide). 99 Simple to program memories (either scene or chase). Sequential 'GO' button playback.