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One of our longer term installations, this was set up in a marquee attached to a hotel from November 2016 to January 2017. Many of the events were Christmas themed, while there was also a New Year’s Eve event, corporate presentations, weddings and a wedding fair.

As well as ambient lighting, we also had to light a stage and dancefloor, pinspot tables, and had video projections across the gable end. This included a link into a live feed of Big Ben’s chimes at Midnight on the New Year’s Eve event.

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Around the perimeter of the main marquee, we installed LED  uplights. These units have the ability to produce nearly any colour in the spectrum allowing for complete mood changes to be created throughout the evening.

Each table was lit with a very narrow spot of light to illuminate the table decorations subtly. We installed 32 x Pinspots to achieve this effect. These pinspots were not installed to the truss but to special drop boom arms instead. We installed 5m of wrapped black truss over the dancefloor in the apex of the marquee. The truss was supported in position on 2 chain hoists. For the dance floor the following lighting was installed:

4 x Sound activated moving mirror fixtures for fast moving patterned effects across the dance floor.

2 x Sound activated LED dance beams to provide multiple coloured beams of light over the dance floor

2 x Star cluster lasers for laser effects across the dance floor.

1 x hazer was positioned on the edge of the stage to produce a light mist over the dance floor, accentuating the lighting effects.

Two projectors were used to produce moving effects on the gable end of the marquee.

To the truss we added four halogen floods to be used as working lights. 3 x Emergency Exit lights were installed over the main entrances/exits from the marquee. 2 x Emergency Floods were installed along the 5m truss.

In addition to the above, we also provided strip lights in the catering area, walkways and storage areas.  

A 63A 415V distribution board was used to provide power to the lighting, catering area, bar, DJ, band, heating units and boilers, decorations and sockets for utilities.