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Fitted with a 63A 230V inlet with each channel at rated capacity of 13A. DMX control only and includes a back-up link for secondary control source. Runs in standalone mode for basic chases and using scene pattern library. Each dimmer channel can be individually addressed if required and have max/min levels set.


Meet The Team

Each dimmer channel has a rated capacity of 20A. Includes hard patch to allow user to patch any dimmer channel to any output. 18 socapex outputs on front. Analogue and DMX control options. There is a lamp check neon on every channel with the ability to soft patch each channel if required. There is also the provision of 1 x 16A 230V outlet and 1 x 32A 400V outlet both overload protected for control power etc.


Meet The Team

Our easy to use four channel dimmer. Fitted with a 32A inlet and one 16A outlet per channel.Each channel is a rated at a capacity of 10A.


Meet The Team

Our Basic single channel dimmer. Fitted with a 16A inlet and outlet it has a rated capacity of 10A.


As their name suggests, dimmers are used to control the brightness of lighting. We have a variety available from single channel up to a 36 channel flightcase dimmer.