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We have a huge range of special effects available. This pages shows just a small selection, so if you do not see what you require, please contact us as we probably have it.


Hazers are a perfect compliment for lasers and moving lighting, creating a modern nightclub feel in any venue. They can also be used to produce special effects for reveals or entrances.


Lasers offer the ultimate party feel. We have various options of colour and effects that can be offered.


These fixtures emit bursts of regular flashing lights, making movements appear to be in slow motion or reverse. Great for creating a nightclub atmosphere. However, some people are sensitive to these types of lights, so we advise caution with their use.


A great alternative to a smoke machine, or to keep younger children amused. Safe for outdoor use.

For the ultimate chic party, we have mirror balls in various sizes or for something a bit different, why not speak to us about mirror sculptures.


Available as strings, net or curtains, in several colours fairy lights are a popular choice to dress a venue as they are so versatile. Be discreet or dramatic, the choice is yours. Being lightweight and flexible, they can be used almost anywhere.