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Flood Lighting

Small but powerful, can be used to light pathways and small areas. Best used outside as do get quite hot. Fitted with a 16A plug, also with a ground spike or hang clamp if required.

Available in Black or White. Please note that these are not suitable for use with gel filters.


Suitable for the biggest of venues or for when powerful bright and even lighting is required. Can also be used to dramatically highlight a church spire for example, or to light up a large parking area.

Fitted with a 16A plug.


Suitable for indoor or outdoor use to light venues for exhibitions or fairs, or for lighting pathways and car parks. Several of the lights we have can be used with coloured gel filters or coloured lamps.

Smart and punchy lights suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can be used with coloured filters or lamps.  These fixtures are also known as Hydrargyrum quartz iodide lighting. They are a form of High Intensity Discharge lamp which is where light is produced by an electrical arc through a gas. Fitted with a 16A plug. Available from 70W to 400W.

Available as single or twin tube options, very versatile units that we commonly use to light catering areas, exhibition stands, and fairs. Give a bright even light.


Ideal for indoor exhibitions, shows and fairs