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This section covers a vast range of lighting products, although this is being updated all the time. If you are looking for a specific item and we do not have it listed, please do contact us as we probably have it in stock! Our kit has been grouped into general categories for ease.

LED products are suitable for every event as they feature an almost endless option of colours and programmed effects, making them more versatile. Lower in energy consumption, they are more suitable for locations where power is limited.

LED Lighting Hire


We have a huge range of special effects available, including hazers, fairy lights, lasers, bubble machines and mirror balls.

Effects Hire



Suitable for indoor or outdoor use to light venues for exhibitions or fairs, or for lighting pathways and car parks. Several of the lights we have can be used with coloured gel filters or coloured lamps.

Flood Lighting

Profiles get the name due to the ability to project any shape placed between the lamp and the lens. Fresnels are soft edged spotlights that feature shutters so that the beam size can be controlled.


These fixtures all feature effects such as colour wheels, effects wheels and the ability to take gobos. Most can be used in a stand alone feature (so reacting to sound, and all can be used with a lighting desk so that the effects can be programmed.

Intelligent Moving Light Hire


This section covers our selection of parcans. Mainly used in theatre, concerts or film production, these fixtures can also be used for creating a colour wash, pinspotting or to create effects in many kinds of venues.

Par Lighting Hire


We have several sizes in stock, available in polished brass, antique brass and crystal effects.

Chandelier Hire


We have several kinds of emergency lighting from flood lights to exit signs. Emergency lighting requirements vary, but you should always try to have some form of emergency lighting in place.

Emergency Lighting Hire


Profile Lighting Hire