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Here is our selection of products suitable for uplighting:

  • PAR 38
  • Event Spot
  • PAR 375
  • SmartBatt
  • Mobiblasts
  • Battens
  • 150W, 250W and 400W HQI’s (outside only)



Up lights are normally sat on the floor or low level objects and cast a beam of light up against a wall, pillar or other feature. They work in any venue but are especially useful when there are no points to hang lights from a roof or ceiling. They can also be used along side other types of lighting, complimenting or contrasting against the other to produce stunning and unique results. Up lighting can also be used to highlight a house, boundary or garden feature where the lighting can create a dramatic impact.

When considering uplighting, our rule of thumb is 5m between tungsten lights such as PAR 38 and PAR 64, and 3m in between LED lights such as the Event Spot and Cameos. We recommend LED Battens have 1m - 3m spacing and look especially good behind pale wall linings in a marquee. Care should also be taken with laying out cables. Ideally they should go up and over entrances/ exits to avoid trip hazards. Alternatively, we have battery powered Smart Batts and Mobiblasts which do not require cables and last for up to 18 hours on a full charge.

The LED fixtures can be programmed to create different colours and effects, some such as the Battens and Smart Batts have a remote for programming. The PAR 38 and Event Spots can be fitted with colour gel filters. HQI’s are only suitable for outside use to light trees, houses and other features.