Barco SLM R12+ Projector

Project details

  • Brightness: 12000 Ansi Lumes
  • Lenses: Wide angle through long through available
  • VGA: Yes
  • DVI: Yes
  • SDI: Yes
  • HDMI: No

Barco SLM R12+


Barco’s SLM R12+ offers the unique quality of three-chip DLP colours. Furthermore, it offers a very bright 12,000 lumens light output. The SLM R12+ produces a track record of reliability and consistent performance in large venues which speak volumes about its capabilities.

The SLM projector is an ideal companion for large-screen. Its bright light output makes it suitable to operate even in rooms with lots of other light sources. Therefore the SLM does not require any changes to lighting settings whenever it is turned on.

The SLM comes equipped with optimized dust filters. This keeps its optical engine clean and uncontaminated and ensures the sharp image you need. The SLM image quality is always no less than impeccable.

All TLD lens types available fit this projector.