Clay Paky StageScan Mirror

Project details

  • Supplied With: Flying Hardware
  • Colour: Black
  • Lamp Type: 1200W Discharge
  • Length: 1230mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Depth: 235mm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Weight of Mirror: 3.1kg

Clay Paky StageScan


The StageScan although now a classic fixture, is Clay Paky’s most sophisticated moving mirror fixture. It has an extremely rich set of graphics effects and a sophisticated beam colouring system. Its exclusive Multi-Step-Zoom system provides a wide range of beam angles. It is a sound reliable light designed specifically for all stage lighting applications that need faster beam movement than can normally be achieved with a moving head. The StageScan provides an unprecedented range of creative effects and a host of practical features that sets this fixture in a class of its own.



  • 1200 W discharge lamp
  • MSZ (multi-step zoom) system for the beam angles of 6 different lenses (from 13° to 25°)
  • Graphics system: 4 fixed gobos + 4 rotating gobos + 4 rotating prisms + 1 fixed prism
  • 10 optional gobos supplied as standard, stored inside the light casing
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel (including CTO and CTB filters)
  • Special effect filters (two-colour beams, four-colour beams and ultraviolet)
  • Three frost filters
  • High-speed iris
  • 0-100% dimmer with instantaneous blackout
  • Independent access to the effects compartment, the lamp and the electronics
  • Length: 1230mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Depth: 235mm
  • Weight: 40kg (without the mirror)