Emergency Exit Signs

Project details

  • Length: 350 mm
  • Width: 110 mm
  • Height: 80 mm
  • Weight:
  • Colour: White
  • Power Supply: 16A Plug and Socket

These units are to be placed above any designated emergency exit. Please note that exit signs are a requirement for public events. We strongly suggest using them for private events too.

There are two types of emergency exit signs available. They are fitted with LED lamps and have the standard legend on them. Complete with 16A plugs and sockets to allow for two or more to be connected with 16A extension cables. We suggest that the fixtures are on a separate power feed to any other lights or equipment.


These fixtures are on continuously. In the event of power failure, they will remain on due to a backup battery for several hours. This style is recommended for public events.

Non Maintained

These units will only illuminate in the event of a power failure. They will remain on for several hours as they are fitted with a backup battery.