Hippotizer Critter

Project details

  • Version: Hippo V3
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720P
  • No of Layers : 4


With the HippoCritter Rackmount, you can do everything you can do with its bigger brothers. If you only need to run 4 video layers and you don’t need dual/pan output or HD media then the HippoCritter Rackmount might be the solution for your project. You get built-in Media encoding, full Timeline capabilities, full effects banks, ScreenWarp and PixelMapper, all without compromise. And because the HippoCritter Rackmount supports full HippoNet functionality it will integrate fully into any project big or small.

Max output resolution 1280 x 720. If you need something with a bit more flexibility then look at our Hippotizer Rackoon with unlimited output resolution.