Hippotizer Stage Hippo

Project details

  • Version: V2 & V3
  • Resolution: 2 no 1280 * 1024
  • No of Layers: 8


The Hippotizer Stage Hippo is the oldest media server we have in the fleet but is still fine for pixel mapping or resolution projection mapping work.

Armed with two 1280×1024 resolution outputs which can be configured as separate feeds (dual mode) or joined to form one 2560×1024 seamless canvas the applications are almost limitless.  Edge blending between the outputs or even other Hippotizers is simple and fast.  And with the Hippotizer Pdoom Mpeg2 Engine at its heart, you can be assured that in the midst of all these new and exciting functions, your media will look better than it ever has.

This server has both V2 & V3 versions running on it.