Paper Lantern Rings

Project details

  • Supplied With:
  • Lamps: Up to 21 x 40W bayonet cap lamps
  • Colour: White, Copper, other colours to order
  • Size: 6' Diameter

Paper Lantern Ring



These are one of a kind bespoke Paper Lantern Rings. Each ring is made from rolled copper and supplied in a copper finish. Other colours can be provided at request to blend in with the theming of your event. Each Ring is 6′ in diameter and can take up to 21 Paper Lanterns of varying sizes. More sizes of paper lantern rings will be added in the near future.

The rings can also be used with other styles of lighting. For example, if going for more of a steampunk theme then leave in a copper colour with black cables and use some squirrel cage lamps to achieve that look.


  • Size – 6′ in diameter, breaks down into four sections for transport
  • Colour – Copper
  • Suspension – Brass Chain
  • 21 Lamp holders for paper lanterns – No more the 40W Per Lamp