Lighting Desk

Lighting Desk

A lighting desk is an electronic device used in lighting design to control multiple lights at once. They may also be known as a lightboard, lighting board, or lighting control console.

There is a huge variety of types of lighting desk available. Some can even be run from an iPad or similar tablet or a laptop. Many feature DMX control which means that they can be used to program up to 512 channels. This is known as a universe. Some lighting desks have more than one universe.

All lighting desks can also control dimmers which control the intensity of the lights. Many modern desks can control intelligent lighting (lights that can move, change colours and gobo patterns). In addition, they can also control fog machines, hazers, and other special effects devices.

Some lighting desks can also interface with other hardware such as sound desks, projectors and media servers. This helps to improve synchronization or unify their control.

In stock is a selection of lighting desks from a simple 6 channel desk up to touring level desks.