Outside Lighting

Outside Lighting

These fixtures are suitable for outside lighting as they have been IP rated to be at least splashproof. From festoon to floodlights and Weatherproof battery-powered LED floodlights. Please note that these fixtures cannot be used with a dimmer unless stated, due to the types of lamps used.

MBI / HQI Metal Halide Floodlight

These floodlights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as they are waterproof with an IP65 rating. The fixtures offer a bright, wide spread of light, therefore making them suitable for lighting trees, buildings and larger work areas. As these fixtures do not get very hot, they can be used with coloured gels to add an extra wow factor to lighting.

Halogen Floodlight

These smaller units still produce very bright light with a slightly warmer hue than the MBI or HQI fixtures. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with an IPP44 rating. However, they do get quite hot, so care must be taken when positioning them. For this reason, they are not suitable for use with coloured gel filters.